Known as the Spice Island, Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands comprising Ujunga, Pemba and several other smaller islands. This tropical paradise is also steeped in rich history. Step into Stone Town and step back in time to a thousand and one Arabian nights. There are historical monuments to visit and this place is a shopper’s paradise. While on other areas of the island there is plenty to do including fishing, sailing, snorkeling, open sea diving, swimming with dolphins or just relaxing on the white sandy beaches. Visitors can also visit a forest reserve home to the protected red colobus monkey and a mangrove forest or take a spice tour. When visiting Stone Town please remember that you’re visiting a conservative Muslim society and scantily clad Westerners do cause offense. Appropriate respectful dress includes long (or at least knee length) skirts and trousers for women and slacks or knee length shorts for men. Sleeveless T-shirts or skimpy tank tops are not appropriate off the beach.

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